CaretComponent timers always running

Hi Jules, I've noticed that TextEditors and the CodeEditorComponent fire up the timers for their caret component regardless of whether the editor is actually displayed.  I'm not sure if it amounts to any significant performance issue but I'm trying to look into why my custom carent component isn't displaying and having all these timers firing makes the process more difficult than necessary.  Would it be possible to add some checking into those components to stop and start the timers based on visiblity change?

That'd be a very premature optimisation.

You should never worry about things like this unless you've actually measured it to be a real issue by profiling your app.

Sorry I should have been more clear I guess.  I'm not concerned about performance.  It's cluttering my debugging efforts and there just doesn't seem to be a point in having them all firing when it serves no apparent purpose.