Catalina : exception uncaught in native MessageManager


We’re working on a standalone app and are using exceptions with JUCE_CATCH_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTIONS to be sure to catch the critical ones that we may not catch by ourselves.

Among others, some of theses exceptions can be thrown from the message thread. It appears that since we moved to Catalina, the @catch instruction in the native implementation of MessageManager::runDispatchLoop() does not catch any of our exceptions anymore : the code

That leads to let the exception be caught above and to result in stopping the dispatch loop before letting us deals properly with the exception. We checked with an old Mac on 10.14.5 (Mojave) and the exception was caught by the native code. As we’re not really used to OSX native code we’re unsure if this behaviour is intended or not.

Is this behaviour kinda expected (and therefore our old way of dealing with uncaught exception on the message thread quite dangerous) ? Is anyone else having trouble with it ?

Thanks a lot !