CF Events?

Does Juce in anyway block CFEvents? It’s using Carbon, right, so I should in theory be able to GetCurrentEventLoop() then from there I should be able to CFRunLoopAddSource. Anything I’m not aware of?

It doesn’t block any events, so I guess that should work. I’m no expert on run loops, but shout if you have a problem.

ok, well I’m trying to do the equivalent of the “Another USB Notification Example” in /Developer/Examples/IOKit/USB/ and for some reason I can get what I assume is valid data in the ports, and then IOServiceAddMatchingNotification, but my call back is never being triggered once the app enters into it’s work loop. I wasn’t sure if there was any filtering going on. Any thoughts?

Can’t think of anything right now.

You can see the event dispatch stuff in juce_mac_Messaging.cpp, the main function being juce_dispatchNextMessageOnSystemQueue(). It just sends out whatever events arrive - nothing fancy going on there…

Hrmm, ok, so instead of using RunApplicationEventLoop() you’re looping through ReceiveNextEvent(). Now the example I followed had me GetCFRunLoopFromEventLoop(GetMainEventLoop()) for CFRunLoopAddSource(). I wonder if I’m not adding this to the right source? Just more thinking out loud here, but if anyone has an idea, chime in.

Just to update things, nothing in Juce was blocking a CFLoop. I had some other issues. Wanted to clarify in case someone else went looking for the same. I did create a new thread to run a CFRunLoop on for USB insert/removal notification. Works good!

cool, glad you got it working.