Change configuration of plugin by listen to an int var

Hi all,
I’m preceding with my DSP effect for guitar, now I’ve implemented the mechanic to change the values of the parameters (I’m not using ValueTree but a custom Preset object with array of plugin parameter values). Now Iìm able to see the values but not to change them (I’ve started another topic for that) but now I need to change the entire preset (aka take another array and set the parameter with its values).

I need to implement a Listener class that monitor the change of a an int var that is the number of the array in the Preset Object, and set all the values to the parameters of my VST.
So I need:

1- Listen to the change of an int var
2- make a callback after the change
3- in the callback get the array values and set the parameters (I have a function that do that)
4- stop the current processBlock and restart it quirk the new values

Any idea?

Have you looked at the Value class? It contains a reference to a var object and you can attach a Listener to it to receive a callback when the value is changed.