Change font size of slider's textbox?

Hi all,

so far i’ve managed to customize the look and feel of mostly everything,
but i can’t figure out how to change the fontsize of the text used in the textbox of sliders.

i’ve overridden the fonts for everything, including normal textboxes/labels,
but this does’nt seem to impact the textbox of a slider and i can’t find anything to change it in the docs or in the juce headers.

any pointers as to where this can be changed ?


virtual Label* LookAndFeel::createSliderTextBox ( Slider & slider ) [virtual]

great :slight_smile: thanks for that :wink:


My apologies for resurrecting an 8 year old thread, but I’m trying to achieve the same thing. I’m looking at the createSliderTextBox function, but I’m not seeing how it draws the bounds of the box. I’d like to be able to increase the size of the box and the font as well, but not seeing what to change in the method suggested.

Would it be easier to simply disable the textbox and use a separate textbox widget that acts as both input (with restrictions) and output to the slider value? This would let us fully customize the text box. Just not sure if it would be easier than overriding the original function.

See the LookAndFeel class. You can override the font in the function getLabelFont(Label &label) to whatever size and typeface you’d like.