Change JuceLibraryCode path


simple question: Is it possible to change the path to the intermediate include / source files? (Defaultt ProjectDir/JuceLibraryCode/)


Hi @WilliamR,

This path is defined in Projucer’s code here: You can change this line and re-build Projucer yourself, but it will affect all projects.

Depending on what you change it to, you may also have to change

I hope this helps.

Oh, thanks for the information. So one could make changes to Projucer. Feels to me like this is something that should be configured per project.
JUCE team? Whom do I have to buy a beer during ADC to make this happen?

Just create a master include file which includes the path to your JUCE modules…

 #include "../JuceLibraryCode/JuceHeader.h"

Include your master include file at the top of all your source files by default (check how to do that in your editor) and you would only need to change the path in the master header if you need to change where the JUCE files are located.


That’s not the issue. It’s purely an organization thing. I’d like to move intermediate files in a different directory. For example, have them stored under intermediate/juce next to some other files that may arise and are temporary only. “JuceLibraryCode” sound way to important for files that you can at any time delete and regenerate. :wink:

This is a very useful feature for those of us who are trying to organize our project folder tree, such as using the pitchfork layout. While I can (and did) edit the projucer project successfully, it should be pretty simple to offer this as a configuration option.