Change LinearVertical Slider Sensitivity

Hey So I'm looking to override either mouseDown, modifierKeysChanged , or mouseDrag in order to change the drag sensitivity with control or command. So while you are sliding in absoluteDrag mode, hold down a mod key, and the slider moves slower.
 I know it can be done because I've seen other juce plugins with this, I just can't figure out a way to change the drag sensitivity without messing with protected functions.




Search the Slider class docs for the word Velocity


It's not exactly what I'm looking for. The velocity settings seem to only be for velocity mode. I want to stay in absoluteDrag mode.


"Changes aspects of the scaling used when in velocity-sensitive mode.

These apply when you've used setVelocityBasedMode() to turn on velocity mode, or if you're holding down ctrl."

Hi there,

Let me try to understand what behaviour you are looking for...

So, my guess is that you want something in between absolute mode and velocity mode? i.e. you want to be able to set a certain fixed scaling between mouse movements and slider movements (e.g. 1 pixel of slider movement per 3 pixels of mouse movements) which is independent of mouse velocity?

Yes, and want to toggle it on/off with a mod key. I know it can be done already, I just need to figure out how to change that scaling on mouse drag.