ChoicePropertyComponent accessor

I’m using a bunch of ChoicePropertyComponent with a ValueTree and a custom ValueSource to handle a bunch of preferences. What i’d like is to be able to setEnablement for other ChoicePropertyComponent based on what the user selects. (in some cases there are 4 choices but depending on the settings of the other ComboBoxes it get’s limited to two).

I’m getting all the notifications when the selection changes, and everything persists in my app prefs, and this is the only missing part of the puzzle.

I suppose the easiest would be for you to add a setItemEnabled type thing in ChoicePropertyComponent(although index based might make more sense). Unless you can think of a fancy automatic way :slight_smile:

In that kind of situation I normally just re-create all the property components when the control value changes, so that only the ones you need are on-screen, rather than disabling them…