Chord Melody tool

Hey! I noticed when playing my guitar that I wanted a quick util to match all chord inversions for a melody note in one place. Does anyone know an efficient way to calculate arbitrary harmonies for a single midi note and then have slider to playback one at a time?

That depends, for triads it is quite simple to compute (assume the midi note as base note, then as third and as fifth, and getting the other two are easy to fill.

It becomes more difficult, if you don’t know the current key, so you have to take major/minor into account. If you add 7th chords you get more solutions.

The problem is not to find the possible ones, but to limit the options with heuristics. Otherwise you end up with 12 or more options.

Alright so there’s a slider that chooses the key.

Another that limits between extensions and triads.

Then another that gauruntees that all slash chords/root positions have the melody note I want in the top to help me arrange my chord Melody song.

Last I want to choose the octave. I believe a six string guitar has two.