CLion Support


Please support CLion as a target.

CLion is a great C++ IDE from well-known JetBrains company.


The Problem is that uses CMake as a project model.

CLion is in Early Access but in nearly future stable release comes out.


Mmmm... JetBrains IDEs are nice.   And they have a VIM plugin.  There's no more they could do...:)

I'd like to add my support to this idea, especially now that version 1.0 is out.

Intriguing! Would like to try this out... Would be nice to have an integrated editor for all the things I like, if it has good VIM support as they say... and the intelligent refactoring and code generation stuff looks awesome. 

+1. JetBrains make smart IDEs.

+1 on CLion, especially for Linux

See this answer in this thread: