Closing pop window of device driver crashed firefox plugin

Hi , jules
How are you?
I implemented device configuration in firefox plugin, and use javascript call to do all device setting work . when audioDeviceMangager :: setAudioDeviceSetup() is called to set one device on my computer,
a window is popped up when set that device. After I close that window, the JUCE_PUBLIC_FUNCTION shutdownJuce_GUI()
get called, and finally the jassert is hit at the following place:

Desktop::~Desktop() throw()
jassert (juce_desktopInstance == this);
juce_desktopInstance = 0;

// doh! If you don't delete all your windows before exiting, you're going to
// be leaking memory!
jassert (desktopComponents.size() == 0);


I checked the value of desktopComponents.size(), it is 3.
It caused the firefox plugin crashes. what does this jassert indicate?


Well, like it says pretty clearly - you’ve not deleted all your windows before juce shuts down. I.e. you’re leaking.