Cmake and WebView and JUCE 7.0.3


when I use Cmake with WebView in 7.0.1 everything works fine.
7.0.3 won’t find WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent which for the moment lets met stick to 7.0.1 was there a breaking change and if so: whyyy?

Best Equinox

ok found the breaking change for anyone else stumbled across this:

The constructor of WebBrowserComponent now requires passing in an instance of
a new Options class instead of a single option boolean. The
WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent class was removed.

Possible Issues
Code using the WebBrowserComponent's boolean parameter to indicate if a
webpage should be unloaded when the component is hidden, will now fail to
compile. Additionally, any code using the WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent
class will fail to compile. Code relying on the default value of the
WebBrowserComponent's constructor are not affected.

Instead of passing in a single boolean to the WebBrowserComponent's
constructor you should now set this option via tha
WebBrowserComponent::Options::withKeepPageLoadedWhenBrowserIsHidden method.

If you were previously using WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent to indicate to
JUCE that you prefer JUCE to use Windows' Webview2 browser backend, you now do
this by setting the WebBrowserComponent::Options::withBackend method. The
WebView2Preferences can now be modified with the methods in

The old API made adding further options to the WebBrowserComponent cumbersome
especially as the WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent already had a parameter
very similar to the above Options class, whereas the base class did not use
such a parameter. Furthermore, using an option to specify the preferred
browser backend is more intuitive then requiring the user to derive from a
special class, especially if additional browser backends are added in the