CMake iLok GarageBand

Hi Juce Team,

With the new CMake, the plist always contains resourceUsage flags. Probably the same in the Projucer though.
Problem is, with pace protected plugin, it fails to load in GarageBand because of this.
You now probably have access to some people which can give you more details regarding this :slight_smile:

Could you guys add a way to disable this ?

Thanks !

Here is a diff file that fixes it

PaceProtected.diff (4.0 KB)

Feel free to change the naming

bump :slight_smile:

Check the scripts in the SDK which have an option to remove that from the AU plist.


Their script seems to do a lot more as well though.

My request is not very far fetched.


Pace script do not work with cmake based juce project.
Thanks !

Does this patch fix the issue?

Perfect !

Thanks a lot.