CMake Linux VST3 Not Stripped?


Still totally digging CMake Juce6. I’ve noticed, though, that the VST3 it ejects has a non-stripped library file, whereas one of our team members who did a projucer build with juce6 got it stripped.

I’m not doing anything particularly special in my cmake file (you can see it here if you want but the resulting artefact vst3 is 13mb and if I do a strip -s on the .so after build it is 8mb, and still works.

Most likely scenario is that I am missing something in the CMake JUCE6 VST3 which would run the strip, but I couldn’t find anything in the doc. Less likely scenario is that the CMake lib isn’t stripping, and is with projucer, or something else. But thought I would add this here to see if anyone else sees it.


I expect this is a problem on our end, I’ll see if I can update juce_recommended_config_flags to auto-strip release builds.