CMake support in the Projucer

Bump for this to happen in 2019 :slight_smile:

Thanks !


I’m on it :wink:


Yep, I’d love to see this too.
Due to the number of CI builds I have running these days avoiding to have to build the PJ first will be a big help. And editing it programatically (for VST2 SDK locations etc.) is likely to be easier in CMake (or you can probably use environment variables).


I would love the projucer to export easily to Clion

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It does easily export to Clion. I use it all the time. What is not working for you?

I think it morphed a bit into this request:

The Projucer is not very popular, since it developed from a project-setup tool Introjucer into a GUI-designer then a Live-coding environment, and now back to a project maintenance tool :wink:

Even though the other features are still present, I know…

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I tried once a while back I will try again !

I’ve made a request to use JUCE/FRUT as a hunter package:

I know next to nothing to help with this, or even guide in how to do this, so would be cool if someone can pitch in.

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I would love to have a way to generate solutions/xcode projects etc through cmake, this can really help with CI, versioning and maintaining.

Has this idea been abandoned?

I’m interested in this as well.

I have a project that uses JUCE, but we don’t use the Projucer at all and we have no .jucer file. Instead, we have a hand-written CMakeLists.txt that defines how the project should be built, and compiles both the JUCE modules with all the required flags and the project itself.

We found that using CMake instead of the Projucer as the primary project format has lots of advantages when you want smooth interoperation with other tools, continuous integration, etc.

It would be great if JUCE would provide support for this workflow! The risk I see with our approach is that the Projucer’s default-generated build settings will eventually diverge from our CMakeLists.txt and stuff will break.

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It’s certainly not abandoned. We’re experimenting with things behind the scenes to see what would work best, but having something releasable is, unfortunately, still quite a long way off. It’s a really substantial chunk of work.


CMake support will be added in JUCE 6 and is available now for preview:


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