CMake support in the Projucer

Bump for this to happen in 2019 :slight_smile:

Thanks !


I’m on it :wink:

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Yep, I’d love to see this too.
Due to the number of CI builds I have running these days avoiding to have to build the PJ first will be a big help. And editing it programatically (for VST2 SDK locations etc.) is likely to be easier in CMake (or you can probably use environment variables).


I would love the projucer to export easily to Clion

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It does easily export to Clion. I use it all the time. What is not working for you?

I think it morphed a bit into this request:

The Projucer is not very popular, since it developed from a project-setup tool Introjucer into a GUI-designer then a Live-coding environment, and now back to a project maintenance tool :wink:

Even though the other features are still present, I know…

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I tried once a while back I will try again !

I’ve made a request to use JUCE/FRUT as a hunter package:

I know next to nothing to help with this, or even guide in how to do this, so would be cool if someone can pitch in.

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I would love to have a way to generate solutions/xcode projects etc through cmake, this can really help with CI, versioning and maintaining.