Import xcode into juce

Hi there all,
I have been asked to help a developer to make a cross platform build of a c++ app
We are all working within a university in Australia. Since I am a student Clion and Cmake are free.
They have a reasonably large project which is a contained in multiple folders.
an xcode project is contained which links it all together. There are multiple libraries within the project which build themselves from each other. It also uses boost, googletest and musicxml ( 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 ) . i came across juce before when looking into building a .vst
i wonder if this might be an easier way of getting the job done and linking everything together than learning to write a cmake file under clion ? If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it thanks !

If you wanted to use the Projucer simply as a way of organising the project(s) and generating other project files (Xcode, VS, Makefile, not CLion though) then it could a useful tool for you. If you are not using JUCE it’s still possible to use it purely for project management, you would need to remove all the JUCE modules from the project and define the following in the project…


Other than that I think you’re good to go, however there are some settings that can’t be achieved from a Projucer project, most notably if there are specific compiler or linker flags you require on a per file basis, this is currently not possible from the Projucer. Also there are settings that would be added to the project, and files / directories that would be created that are not actually required, so this would be unnecessary noise for you. However it’s worth considering if using the JUCE library would be suitable for you. It’s hard to know what’s best for your specific project but with C++11 or higher I suspect there is a good chance you could skip Boost. JUCE might be able to replace googletest for you (it has some unit testing classes built-in although I believe googletest has much more functionality in this area).

Thanks ! That’s a great help ! It sounds like I should stick with clion and
learn to write a cmake file properly . Best Sean