Clion set up on Mac

Does anyone have CLion set up and working well with JUCE. If so I’d be interested in the steps I need to do. Currently have project opened in Xcode, but would like to use Clion if at all possible.
I’ve been told to …
“get a CMake-based project to use CLion. So all you need is to create a new CMake project and link with JUCE libraries there.”…
but as I’m a relatively new and don’t really understand what CMake is doing (how to create project and link with JUCE libraries) I’m a bit lost.
It’s probably only about [5?] steps to someone who knows what to do?

Any help much appreciated.

I got it running last week

  1. You need latest Clion, as older ones do not work with juce namespaces. I am running CLion 2016.2.2 Build #CL-162.1967.7, built on September 5, 2016
  2. I am using CMakeJuce for project files from here (just follow instructions on that page):
  3. You also have to patch Builds/CMakeJuce/juce.cmake as per
  4. In Projucer, make sure that “Make Local Copy” is turned on for all modules. I couldn’t get it to work the other way.

These steps were enough to get it running. I can code, get proper highlighting and also the build button works (and copies vst plugins to proper directories, so hosts can find them). I have not tried the debugger or anything yet. But I can at least play around, as I cannot stand Xcode :slight_smile:

Thanks Flateric,
I’ll try and give that a go.

Had another look today, it doesn’t work properly still :frowning: Its better since last version, but it still does not find nested symbols :frowning2: So it doesn’t highlight Juce objects as not found, but it doesn’t recognise methods etc.

Seems this is still valid:

I’m curious if anyone has been able to get Clion to “Run” an application using this setup? I’m able to build the system using the cmake files from CMakeJuce but running/debuggin requires an executable. I think this is a limitation of hacking cmake to work with Juce but thought I’d check to see if was possible.

I use AppCode, which I believe uses CLion for all its C/C++ features. Then you don’t have to worry about getting the CMake stuff working, as AppCode just loads Xcode projects, which the Projucer generates for you.

Is there something that CLion offers that AppCode doesn’t?

I’m evaluating CLion right now for a new iOS project.

Haven’t gotten it to actually run it - but can build it- which is for the time being ok - since I primarily just want CLion for its decent editing and refactoring support.

I suspect theres just too much stuff metadata-wise that can only be done via Xcode