Code::Blocks fixes


in order to compile the audio host on my win 8.1 tablet with Code::Blocks, I had to:
- add this code to Introjucer::CodeBlocksProjectExporter::getDefines (const BuildConfiguration& config) const

        if (config.isDebug())
            defines.set ("DEBUG", "");
            defines.set ("_DEBUG", "");
            defines.set ("NDEBUG", "");

- change this define in AppConfig.h


- add this switch to the compiler:


- add those definitions for the compiler:


I did not try to include the support for Asio, it might require other mods.

I may have completely missed something, in which case please ignore this message, and the following:

Jules, would you mind consider making the necessary modifications to the juce source tree in order to include those changes

Thanks for this very useful toolkit!



Happy to add the _DEBUG stuff to the introjucer.

Would need more explanation about why you changed the other things, as some of it seems a bit odd to me, and could maybe be fixed in a better way. I don't know what DEVELOPMENT or PLATFORM_64 mean, or what you're trying to fix by setting them, but maybe if they're fundamental mingw flags they should be automatically added by the introjucer? And what are you adding -fpermissive to fix? If there's some code that it's complaining about, maybe it's better to fix the code than to add that flag?

if i remember well, all of this is needed because the vst stuff would not compile without it. I guess we are not able to fix those issues since this belongs to steinberg.

btw i used latest official mingw and nighlty codeblocks...

Ok, well if those are VST things I'll leave them out, but will add the introjucer change for you.

yes, about some conversions that gcc is no( longer?)t accepting.

btw i forgot something: the vst sdk paths is not included in the codeblocks project though i specified them (vst and vst3)  with introjucer...

thanks for making the modifications.