CodeDocumentEditor bug


Just noticed that if you delete all text from the code editor component in the juce demo(winXP) and hit the right arrow button it will cause a crash. It’s breaking at the jassert in the following method from juce_OwnedArray.h, line 130:

/** Returns a pointer to the object at this index in the array, without checking whether the index is in-range.

    This is a faster and less safe version of operator[] which doesn't check the index passed in, so
    it can be used when you're sure the index if always going to be legal.
inline ObjectClass* getUnchecked (const int index) const throw()
    jassert (((unsigned int) index) < (unsigned int) numUsed);
    ObjectClass* const result = data.elements [index];

    return result;


Thanks! That’ll be an easy one to sort out, I’ll get it fixed tomorrow.