CodeEditorComponent highlight region?

How can I tell if there is a “highlight region” established in a CodeEditorComponent ? In the old TextEditor I could do (getHighlightedRegionLength() > 0) and setHighlightedRegion(a,b) but i dont see how to do this in the new component. I could keep track of it myself but maybe im missing something or this feature is now in git tip? Im using juce v1.50 from about a month ago.

BTW I’m converting a large Scheme editor with syntax highlighting over from the old TextEditor – I havent run into any real problems and the CodeEditor is a HUGE improvement, thanks!


i’ve tried in the codeeditor an amalgamated.cpp files of approx 10mb: opening it, moving around and editing is faster than any other text editor out there !

thanx Julian !

ps. (what about a juce ide written in juce ?)

That’s exactly what the new jucer will (eventually!) be…

I’ve written a IDE in the past [ (C++ IDE on ARM/WinCE) ], the most difficult part was linking with the debugger/implementing a debugger (which I finally failed to get right).
Also, source code token extraction for code completion in C++ was very hard (and I’ve used the parser/tokenizer from Ultimate++ as it was the simplest I could find, there’s also Elsa/Elkhound, gcc/libxml, clang (no template supported)).

I would hardly use any IDE if it doesn’t have, at least, code completion.
No way I would type “ImageConvolutionKernel” by hand… holy sh.t… I’ve done it.

Wow - doing an IDE in pocketPC is… brave!

The compile/link stuff will definitely be last on my to-do-list. My vague plan at the moment is:

phase 1: Project creation + management + export to the various IDE project formats (almost done, will release something soonish)
phase 2: Add UI editors for components + drawables
phase 3: Give it basic IDE functionality, beef up the code editor to do code completion, search, etc.
phase 4: Make it invoke the compiler (hopefully not too hard, as it’s already creating makefiles, so can just run them and display the output).
phase 5: If I’m still alive after all that, possibly consider adding debugger support…