Is it just me or are some of the default colours messed up?

I’ve noticed this with a few colours claiming to be one thing and being quite another:

The requestor below is supposed to AliceBlue[1]. Either alice is colour blind, or I am. :?

Did the byte ordering get changed at some point and the defaults were never updated, or si something fubar at my end?

[1] AliceD more like.

That is a bit strange - it looks like I’ve got completely the wrong number for aliceblue… I think it’s always been like that though! The correct value is apparently 0xfff0f8ff

Like I say, it isn’t the only one: just the most blindingly[1] obvious.

[1] quite literally in fact.

I’ll find an official colour list and double-check them. Can’t even remember where I got the original list from, it was so long ago.


hope this is some use -

Thanks, I’ve checked them now. Seems like aliceblue was the only one that was messed-up. No idea when or how that happened…

OK, looking at the list that chico posted, a few of the other odd ones I spotted are correct.

I’ve got to ask though, who the hell figured 0xA52A2A describes brown? It’s red, damn it. And why is ‘chocolate’ that vile rust orange colour?


Yea, Sienna #A0522D is the real brown on that page.