Combination with a native API

In my application, I am using native API (WinForms) for main app window. However, I want to add new JUCE windows, so I inited them. However, when I call


it blocks other code that is after that, so my calls for CreateWindow etc are not called.

I have tried to call Juce main in a background thread, but it does not help. Is there any solution to this unusual combination of GUI system, or I have to use only Juce or only WinAPI.


It’s not possible to easily mix native and JUCE APIs. The only way currently is to make your whole app a JUCE app and then add ActiveXControls to JUCE’s component hierarchy via the ActiveXControlComponent. Note, however, that the ActiveX control will always be on top of any other JUCE components even if another JUCE child component is technically on top of the activeX component.

could be possible the way described here addToDesktop - beginner woes