JUCE component inside another non-JUCE application window

Hi Jules,

JUCE_Version : 1.45 (Since I have a Carbon view).

I’m placing juce component inside another application window (Not juce window) using the following code :

_pJuceComponent->addToDesktop (0, winHandle);

Now if I don’t perform any mouse operations on the component inside the window, I’m able to close the main application window. But if I click on the juce component and then if I try to close the main application window, it’s not closing. In fact, the application window does not take any mouse events.

What could be the issue?

Thanks & Regards,

Sorry, but 1.45 is ancient history! I can only help with problems in the current codebase, and certainly can’t remember every subtle windowing issue that might have been there years ago!

Hi Dheeraj,
It’s going to be very hard, if you stick with juce 1.45, since it’s based mostly on Carbon. You could face deprecation issues on Snow Leopard. You had better move on the latest version of jucce.