Combo Box Flickering

In the JUCE Demo app I am seeing combo boxes flickering, as in, when I use the drop down menu on Android, and select an option (this is in the look and feel page of the juce demo) sometimes it just flickers the dropdown menu’s selection rectangle without actually selecting the item. It is very reproducible across multiple devices for me, Has anyone seen this?

Thanks for reporting. This is now fixed on develop with commit 8892026.

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Thanks for the swift resolution!

Hi Fabian,

Still seeing a somewhat similar issue here after taking those changes on develop branch.

When opening a ComboBox in the JUCE Demo (Tabs & Widgets -> Misc) on Android devices, the PopupMenu is sometimes dismissed immediately after it is opened with a single tap. Additionally, scrolling is problematic; it seems very slow and doesn’t pick up inertia the way that the same widget does in iOS.

Has anyone else noticed these issues?

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