ComboBox and hitTest

I’d like to catch right clicks for a combo, but i can’t. If i set

combo->setInterceptsMouseClicks (false, true);

it still triggers the click.

Weird thing is if i don’t use that and just add a mouseListener to the combo, if i right click then the list rolls out, but the next left click somewhere outside the Combo causes the right click for it outside (it happens when i right click just on the up/down arrows). Weird?

i guess this is because a Combo is more then one component but it would be nice if it acted like all the other components.

Yes, it uses a label inside, I think, to draw and edit the text. There’s really no practical way to make it work without child components - that’d involve re-implementing all the label’s functionality directly inside the combobox.

Ok but would it be possible to catch those right click events on the current version of the Combo ? if so how, if not i’ll have to make my own version, but like i said it would be nice if all the basic UI elements acted the same way in terms of mouse and keyboard.

Do you think you can change this, or should implement my own ComboBox ?

I think the only way to do it would be with a custom LookAndFeel::createComboBoxTextBox, which creates an adapter class that catches the click…