ComboBox Arrow Size Does Not Change

I just updated to JUCE 5.4.1 (compiling for Windows) and discovered the ComboBox arrows do not change as the size of the ComboBox changes. Am I missing something easy or is LookAndFeel needed to change this behavior? If LookAndFeel is needed, what method needs to be overridden?

You’ll need to roll your own LookAndFeel to change that behaviour.

See LookAndFeel_V4::drawComboBox for a starting point.

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Thank you.
I changed the way the arrow is drawn to be smaller and placed closer to the right in the ComboBox but that doesn’t seem to make more room for the text, which is why I want to do this.
This is the unmodified ComboCox:

and this is the modified ComboBox:

Can you give me a hint where I have to go to allocate the extra space to the text?

The reason I’m doing this is because I want to use many combo boxes in a small space and the space I want to gain with smaller arrows is important. The way the combo boxes were drawn in JUCE 4.3.1 worked fine and I’m trying to reproduce that.

Have you looked at the other ComboBox LookAndFeel methods? What about positionComboBoxText?

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Thank you, t0m. That was the rest of what I needed.