ComboBox focused outline colour


Hi everyone,

I have a small issue, but I think it’s still worth mentioning.

The ComboBox class seems to be missing a colour ID for its outline when in focused state.
Other components do offer it, like for example TextEditor::focusedOutlineColourId, but in ComboBox I can only specify the outline colour while not in focus via ComboBox::outlineColourId.

So in the screenshot below, I have set the regular outline to black, but I have no way to change the gray outline shown when I open the ComboBox.


I know I can just subclass it and override the paint method, but this just seems like something that was overseen or forgotten :slight_smile:



I was just looking for the same thing and stumbled on this post.

In the end - I have a look and feel class already so I wanted to override the ComboBox pain method, but when I looked at it - it turned out that “ComboBox::ColourIds::buttonColourId” is used to draw that outline when focused.

So I just changed that colour though, but this is unclear and confusing. The documentation states “Base colour for the button”. Not clear what button is referred to here. I assume it is a button that represents one list item or just the one that triggers the drop down, but it would be much better if we could call this focusedOutlineColourId.


Yep, I’ll add a focusedOutlineColourId.