ComboBox Midi Port

Hi all.
I haven’t opened the midi receiver for a long time. It was written in C++17 and Juce version 6.1.2. Yesterday I wanted to update it in C++ 20 and Juce 7.0.12, but the compiler wrote to me that the expression was deprecated. Tell me how to make a combo box correctly. Here’s the code:

setSize (600, 400);
    addAndMakeVisible (osc);
    addAndMakeVisible (&midiOutputBox);
    StringArray midiOutputs (MidiOutput::getDevices()); // DEPRECATED!!!
	midiOutputBox.addItemList (midiOutputs, 1);
	midiOutputBox.addListener (this);
	deviceNumber = getAppProperties().getUserSettings()->getIntValue("Midi Device");
	midiOutputDevice = MidiOutput::openDevice(deviceNumber);
	midiOutputBox.setSelectedId (deviceNumber + 1);
	DBG ("deviceNumber = " + String(deviceNumber));