ComboBox popup behaviour

Can anyone point out where I need to look to stop the combobox from closing upon selection? I’m building a drum sequencer app and have combo boxes for the sample selection, and rather than selecting and the menu closing, then having to reopen if it isn’t the right sound, I’d like to be able to keep selecting samples from the list (which will trigger the drum) and then click away from the menu to close it.

I’ve looked in the showpopup and hidepopup member functions, and tried commenting out various things but to no avail. Can’t find any info so I’m not even sure if it’s possible. Thanks.

You could show another Component that contains a listbox to hold the sample selections, and set it as visible via a button instead of using a ComboBox. You could close it when clicking on any other Component, and pass back selections you make via a public function in the parent Component or the Editor. And you could change the button text to show the current selection, just like a ComboBox does. That would give you complete control over the behavior.