ComboBox setSelectedId

Hi There,
Just a little remark, i like the fact that you can choose wether or not a changedMessage is send. For all components you should supply false as second parameter to prevent messages being send exept for the Combobox… maybe this should be changed to prevent confusion.

void  setSelectedId (const int newItemId, const bool dontSendChangeMessage=false) throw () 
void Slider::setValue  (  double  newValue,  
  const bool  sendUpdateMessage = true,  
  const bool  sendMessageSynchronously = false 
void  setText (const String &newText, const bool broadcastChangeMessage) 


Yeah, that difference in usage has bothered me for a while. I only noticed I’d done it that way when it had been in use for a while - but if I change one of those definitions to work the other way round, it’ll break everyone’s code in a silent way! I think to clean it up, I’d need to change the parameters drastically and force people to re-write the calls to it carefully…