Combobox with submenu?

Can it be done?

Or would I be better of with a customized button + popup menu?

I don’t understand how that’d work?

Me neither. :smiley:

I haven’t thought about it much. It’s just that I have a list of about a 100 waveforms that the use is supposed to pick from, and it’d be nice if I could group them and get the size down.

I figured I could make a custom “Item” something.

I’m pretty much using combos as menus, for their ability to display the current selection. And they look nice in my gui…

probably better to do your own component, I guess.

I’ll just hook a popup menu to a text button with a custom look. Close enough.

BTW: I just noticed that this forum is the first google hit for “rock hardbuns”. Funny. :smiley: