[Coming...] Justified text

In Justification class, there is no option for Justified text (in the Left/Right/Center/Justified style).

Is is intentionnal, because adding Justified text will be over complicated, or simply a forgotten option ?

It’s a difficult option, so I left it out for now. The best place for it would be in the GlyphArrangement class.

What does the GlyphArrangement’s addJustifiedText and justifyGlyphs methods ?

[how to use them to draw a justified paragraph of text] ?

It justifies the whole block within a space, rather than spreading it out to fit. Have a go, maybe it does what you need.

Jules, I’ve sent you the modified files to implement Justified Text.

I’ve added horizontallyJustified flags to Justification, and handled it in GlyphArrangements::addJustifiedText.

Feel free to test it and include in the next version.

Just merging it at the moment…

Well, there is still a small bug in your implementation, and I’ve mailed you where I think the error is and a reference jpeg to see what I mean.