Shouldn,t the commonApplicationDataDirectory be “/Library/Application Support” instead of just “/Library”?

Umm… yes. You’re right. I think when I first came up with that location (must be a few years ago now), all the applications seemed to dump their stuff in Library, so I just copied that.

I should change it - but that means that everyone using the old version to store their preferences will have to write extra code to move their old prefs files to the new location, or will have to hard-code the old path into their apps instead, both of which are a pain to do… Bit of a dilemma, that…

Could you add a method that looks for a named preference file (with sub-folder path) under the “preferred” folder, and behind the scenes looks for it in the old folder if could not be found in the new, preferred folder? Returns a File class instance. Apps could be modified to use that method to load the files…?

yes, that’d be useful… I’m going to have to have a think about this one.

Have you thought about how to fix this yet? We kinda need it … or write a workaround.

No, still not sure about this…

couldn’t you just make this a compiler directive, and leave the current behaviour as default.

Those who want to switch to the new path can change the define accordingly.

Hmm. That’d mean recompiling juce to change the behaviour, which is a bit of a pain if you’re working with multiple projects. I’ll think of something…

A new enumerator called completeCommonApplicationDataDirectory (or something like that) could do the trick?