Compile error in juce_osx_ObjCHelpers.h when compiling for iOS


commit e1dc96 "Workarounds to allow building with xcode option "strict checking of objc_msgSend calls" enabled" breaks compilation for iOS:
   "juce_osx_ObjCHelpers.h:75:99: Use of undeclared identifier 'objc_msgSend_fpret'"

changing the lines arund line 99 to:
typedef double (*MsgSendFPRetFn) (id, SEL op, ...);
static inline MsgSendFPRetFn getMsgSendFPRetFn() noexcept   { return (MsgSendFPRetFn) (void*) objc_msgSend_fpret; }

fixes the problem.

I'm on 6.1.1 (6A2008a) (if that matters)

-- Benjamin

Might be a difference between SDK versions because it works fine for me, but that stuff isn't actually needed on iOS so I'll disable it.