Compile errors with juce_string.h, juce_Logger.h and .cpp

I am getting compile errors with juce_logger.h and .cpp with their include statements. Then with juce_string.h I am getting two errors both at line 671 for this function: void vprintf (const tchar* const format, va_list args) throw();

Compile Log:

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "C:\Documents and Settings\JAMIE BERNIER\Desktop\JUCE\build\win32\devcpp\"
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "C:\Documents and Settings\JAMIE BERNIER\Desktop\JUCE\build\win32\devcpp\" all
g++.exe -c ../../../src/juce_core/basics/juce_Logger.cpp -o ../../../bin/intermediate_devcpp/juce_Logger.o -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/mingw32"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/backward"  -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include"  -I"C:/Program Files/Microsoft SDK/include"  -I"C:/Program Files/Microsoft SDK/include/Win64/atl"  -I"C:/Program Files/Microsoft SDK/include/Win64/crt"    -fexceptions -fexpensive-optimizations -O3

In file included from ../../../src/juce_core/basics/juce_Logger.h:35,
                 from ../../../src/juce_core/basics/juce_Logger.cpp:36:

../../../src/juce_core/text/juce_String.h:671: type specifier omitted for 
   parameter `va_list'

../../../src/juce_core/text/juce_String.h:671: parse error before `)' token

make.exe: *** [../../../bin/intermediate_devcpp/juce_Logger.o] Error 1

Execution terminated


Hello :wink:

First, don’t create two threads to ask the same question…

Then, have you read the thread you can see here in post it which explains every thing you must do to install Juce with Dev C++ ?