Compiler error in juce_linux_XWindowSystem.cpp missing include <array>

It seems that std::array is used in the file, but its corresponding header is not included on top. Adding it fixes the issue i got trying to build on an old distro to allow using juce with most distributions as possible.

Are you using an old version of JUCE? We recently added <array> to the includes in juce_StandardHeader.h so it shouldn’t need to be included explicitly in the Linux code.

i’m using master of 3 or 4 days ago, should be the stablest ?

This was the commit:

It’s in the latest release so you should have that change if you’re using a recent master. juce_StandardHeader.h gets included before any of the Linux windowing code though so I can’t see why you would be getting an error. Have you made any modifications to the JUCE code?