Component::addToDesktop() and mouse clicks


Im attempting to use Component::addToDesktop() to render a few Components that are meant to overlay a WebBrowserComponent. I am doing this by adding a transparent component using
component->addToDesktop(0, editor->getPeer()->getNativeHandle());
and then adding child components to this top level component.

The transparent component is the full size of the editor and thus seems to gobble up mouse events, even though I’ve overridden its hitTest() to only return true if the tested point intersects a child component. It seems this is the built-in behavior is to test child components and then test the component’s peer if its a “heavyweight component.”

My question is, is there any supported way to have a component added with addToDesktop() pass through mouse events to underlying components, even if they fall in its bounds, if it decides it isn’t interested in them?

Or, if there is another approach to layering JUCE components over things like WebBrowserComponents and VideoComponents I would love to hear it. Im working on Mac OS right now though would eventually need to target Windows as well.


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