In here :

the explenation says

Note: If all that you need to do is to respond to files being drag-and-dropped from the operating system onto your component, you don't need any of these classes: you can do this simply by overriding Component::filesDropped().

Yet, I couldn't find this function anywhere , neither  in the documentation or the code itself.. is it there?

That's archaic, I believe. You'll have to derive from FileDragAndDropTarget.

alright , I see it now ..

but after playing with FileDragAndDropTarget I don't see how to properly use it.

I'm trying to create some dropping pad so when a file is dropped there my app stores it for future use.

how to I implement the graphical side of this pad? I have class deriven from FileDragAndDropTarget but it's not a subclass of Component.

DragAndDropContainer has no mehtod of setting inner FileDragAndDropTarget and even if it was - DragAndDropContainer  is not visible either.

should I inherit both from FileDragAndDropTarget  and component?