Component in IPad sim (and device) bad positions

JuceDemo doesn’t exhibit this, but when I rotate the sim or device, my component shifts down. This also happens with dialogs - alertboxes etc.

I’ve tracked it to an error appearing here in ComponentPeer (see attached screenshot of debugger)

Where it appears that: const Rectangle newBounds (getBounds());
is returning a bad position. The ComponentPeer’s monitor position (there’s only the one) shows 0,0, so I’m guessing the problem occurs here:

[code]void ComponentPeer::handleScreenSizeChange()



Bit baffled about what’s affecting me, but not the JuceDemo…

I have to assume that the bad position comes from:

Rectangle UIViewComponentPeer::getBounds (const bool global) const

EDIT - if I make my top component fullscreen, it does stay at top left, but AlertWindows still get shifted, so I presume it’s still a problem.

Any insights?