ComponentListener on animated components not working as expected

I’m animating the position of a component with a ComponentAnimator. Another component is supposed to react to the movement of this animation. So I attached a ComponentListener to the first component and handle what I need to in the componentMovedOrResized() method. But I only seem to get a notification at the end of the animation and not a smooth stream of position changes. Is this expected behaviour?

You will get callbacks every time a component moves, and the animator doesn’t do anything fancy, it just moves the components around… Maybe your message queue is just really swamped while it’s animating and the callbacks don’t arrive until things calm down?

I actually just found out what the problem was. It works as expected when I disable to proxy option in the animateComponent() function. Is it possible to enable the same behaviour with the proxy option active?

Oh, no, not possible. The whole point of a proxy is that it replaces the original component.