ComponentMovementWatcher in a VST plugin


I’m trying to detect dragging of the plugin using the ComponentMovementWatcher but it doesn’t seem to work.
Is there any way to detect dragging/moving of the plugin?


If you’re talking about the user moving the whole plugin window (i.e. the host’s window) then no! There’s no way to detect or interfere with that, it’s entirely up to the host.

Thanks Jules.

I’m trying to catch keystrokes by adding a TopLevelComponent what will ‘cover’ the inside of the plugin
and will be able to follow it whenever it’s being dragged.

A quick and dirty solution will be to use a Timer and getScreenBounds() but can’t I do it using
a ComponentMovementWatcher or something else better than the Timer?


Sounds quite a tricky thing to make reliable, on all those different hosts and OSes… If you can avoid creating any external windows, it’s best avoided!

Thanks Jules, but how can I prevent Ableton and such from eating up my keystokes?
For example, I have a Ctrl+Z shortcut for my UndoManager, when I press it, Ableton removes my plugin (Ctrl+Z removes plugin in Ableton)…

I saw some threads here messing with the winproc and such, is there any better way?


I’m afraid Ableton’s keystroke handling has always been a bit of a mystery - there are many threads about it!