ComponentPeer minimum size limits?

Are there any hard-coded limits to the ComponentPeer’s minimum size? I am trying to have a DocumentWindow that owns only a MenuBarComponent that is 20 points tall. The shortest I can make the MenuBar is 106 units. when added with the TitleBar height, that’s a height of 128 units tall.

I’ve been stepping into all of the Component::resized()-related calls to figure out why, if I call docWindow->getContentComponent()->setSize(128, 20);, I still end up with a window that is 128x128… Is this an OS X limitation?

DocumentWindow has a call to setResizeLimits (128, 128, 32768, 32768); in its constructor to give it a sensible min/max size, but you can easily override this by calling setResizeLimits() with your own sizes.

Ah! Thanks. I was definitely not looking for that lol.