Components in OpenGL thread


I would like to know if it is possible to use sub components of an OpenGL component which are rendered in the OpenGL thread (OpenGLRenderer::renderOpenGL()) and not in the main GUI thread.
I know that it is no problem to use sub components with an OpenGL component in general. And of course rendering them in the main thread is the reasonable default but in my case I want to use the results in the OpenGL thread directly. Posting the results back to the OpenGL thread just adds latency in my case.
I found this post in the forum from 2011:

This seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Jules replied this:

Now I am not sure if things just evolved differently or if I missed something.
I’m aware of the current implementation with sub components rendering to a buffer which is blended onto the OpenGL rendering but I’m still hoping that there is a maybe less documented way of component rendering.

Feeding these components with input events would not be the problem, since I made them already available in the OpenGL thread. But I suspect that more pitfalls exist…

I am thankful for any advice!