Confused about Send and Post message


I’m a bit confused about the methods called sendXXXMessage ( for example sendActionMessage) that does postMessage internally (and PostMessage in Win32)
From Win32 perspective, Send is blocking, while Post is not.
There is nothing in the documentation related to blocking state of the message of the ActionBroadcaster, but there is also nothing related to it being asynchronous.
So can we safely assume that ActionBroadcaster ‘post’ asyncronous message and return before the message is processed (I think of a thread calling sendActionMessage) ?
Is that safe ?

I’ve read the current tip documentation:

        Broadcasts a message to all the registered listeners.

        This sends the message asynchronously.

        If a listener is on the list when this method is called but is removed from
        the list before the message arrives, it won't receive the message. Similarly
        listeners that are added to the list after the message is sent but before it
        arrives won't get the message either.

So it’s clear in there. The documentation on the website is really outdated, I’m eagerly waiting for the next release :wink: