Connecting AudioSources to AudioProcessors

Hey everyone,

Would there be an already existing means of connecting AudioSources to AudioProcessors? If not, why not?

AudioSources aren’t designed to be connected to AudioProcessors. AudioProcessors were devised at a later point than AudioSources and I believe that at one point Jules had the intention to provide AudioProcessor alternatives to the existing AudioSource implementations. Regardless they have a different architecture for chaining. AudioSources are built within eachother (check out how AudioTransportSource is written), and AudioProcessors are connected externally for use in an AudioProcessorGraph (although they can be connected manually if desired).

If you would like to use an AudioSource in an AudioProcessorGraph (or just as a processor) you can create an AudioProcessor that wraps an AudioSource. For example, I have an AudioProcessor that plays files so in my FilePlayerProcessor I have an AudioTransportSource member which handles things internally.

I know that this is a very old topic, but is the answer still relevent? I am in the same situation as the OP. 

Is there any existing class for wrapping an AudioSource in an AudioProcessor?


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Yeah, the answer above is good, and neither class has changed substantially since this was written. Each class has a slightly different purpose, and although I'd like to eliminate one of them, it's not easy to do!

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