Conversion from std::wstring to juce::String

What can be used to achieve this?
I’m trying to assign the return value from a method of type std::wstring to juce::string variable, as I’ll be using this variable in combox.addItem() method

juce::String x = y.getString();
where, getString() is of std::wstring type.

I’ve tried using juce::String(wstring.c_str()) and std::string juce::String::toStdString(), but ending with errors,
juce::String(wstring.c_str()) — wstring is undefined and typename not allowed if I use std::wstring
std::string juce::String::toStdString() — member function “juce::String::toStdString” may not be redeclared outside its class

Any suggestions/help is appreciated !
Thanks in advance.

I think something like this should work:

juce::String x { CharPointer_UTF16 { wstring.c_str() } };

@reuk Thanks for quick reply !
yes the problem solved with .c_str() on wstring method.