Convert tutorial juce standalone code to audio plugin code

Hello everyone,
I am new to juce and mostly interested into programming an VST application. Currently, I am working on going through the tutorials but I struggle to apply the concepts because I often deal with the standalone application code. There, I deal with the maincomponent class where as in the audio plugin, I have the audio plugin processor and editor.
I am sort of missing the link between standalone application code and audio plugin code. How do I apply the concepts learned from the standalone application code or what do I need to know to transfer the code?

in the standalone audio application template, your MainComponent represents the main window of the application, and it also gets the audio callback. Of course, plugin specifics (like a parameter interface) are missing. Functions work the same as they work in what you’ve seen in the plugin examples (prepare, processBlock, paint, resized, etc).
The strong split between editor gui and audio processor you’ve seen in plugins is simply not necessary in the standalone application. In a plugin, these two have independent lifecycles, and a plugin must also be able to “spawn” multiple instances.