Converting Wav file to float array

I am trying to read a wav file and turn it into a float array for manipulation…
I have searched the forum and tried a few approaches to this, but to no avail.

I have tried using read from AudioFormatReader to at least extract an int** but couldn’t get this to work (resulted in bad_access error in XCode).

I’ve also tried using a FileInputStream and the readFloat function, which seems to almost work, but when I tried to output the resulting array I just got a nasty sound from the speakers…

I’m fairly new to Juce and C++ so any help would be much appreciated!


the method that you missed which conveniently loads audio data into memory is AudioSampleBuffer::readFromAudioReader

This code should get you started:

    File file ("d:/my.wav");
    AudioFormatManager formatManager;
    ScopedPointer<AudioFormatReader> reader = formatManager.createReaderFor(file);
    if (reader != 0)
        AudioSampleBuffer buffer(reader->numChannels, reader->lengthInSamples);
        buffer.readFromAudioReader(reader, 0, reader->lengthInSamples, 0, true, true);
        float* firstChannelSamples = buffer.getSampleData(0, 0);

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!


AudioSampleBuffer::readFromAudioReader has vanished, but ...