Copy constructor of 'atomic<float>' is implicitly deleted because base class '__atomic_base<float>' has a deleted copy constructor

hi, seems I’m hitting a wall here. I did found specific details without info on resolving, seems it was reported in Jun 2019 and accepted. Finding the workaround/fix is what I need please.

auto mGainValue = *apvts.getRawParameterValue ("GAIN");

resulting in “Call to implicitly-deleted copy constructor of ‘std::__1::atomic’”

auto &mGainValue = *apvts.getRawParameterValue (“GAIN”);

auto mGainValue = *apvts.getRawParameterValue (“GAIN”).load();

depending if you want the float or atomic


That doesn’t compile, did you mean this?

auto mGainValue = apvts.getRawParameterValue ("GAIN")->load();


Thanks very much for helping me! You’re correct this is the way I did it to get working.