Core Graphics vs QuickDraw

I’m wondering about the compatibility of juce with Core Graphics on the mac. I’d like to host an NPAPI (firefox) plugin in a juce app but it appears that FF may be moving to Core Graphics soon. Will I be going down a dead end road with Juce? I’m not opposed to writing some platform-specific code if necessary, but is juce even a good fit for this?

I don’t understand why you think this’d be an issue…? The plugin wrapper actually already uses the npapi coregraphics mode internally, but the whole point of having a library like juce is that your code doesn’t need to care about things like that!

I’m not sure which plugin wrapper you’re referring to, but my understanding is that firefox/webkit doesn’t use coregraphics for plugins yet --it’s only recently been proposed ( My intent for using juce was certainly to get cross-platform code, where possible, but since potentially both quickdraw and coregraphics would have to be simultaneously supported, I thought this may be an issue for Juce as a plugin host, particularly with windowless plugins where the host has to provide the right kind of graphics context. Perhaps I’m missing something thats obvious to you–I’m not a veteran mac programmer.

Ah, sorry - you’re talking about writing an NPAPI host, I misread it and assumed you were talking about using juce to build a plugin.

It would probably be an absolute nightmare to write a plugin host - probably even worse than an audio host, and that’s bad enough! Juce would be no worse than any other framework for doing it, it’s not something I’d want to attempt!